The general purpose of the Association is to unify Memphis BTW Warrior Alumni from all graduating classes, irrespective of their graduating year or place of residency at the time of this reading. Graduates from all classes of Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis, TN are welcomed and encouraged to unite with the Association. 


1. To prevent elderly Memphis BTW graduates from being forgotten;

2. To create longevity for the association by electing new officers every two years

3. To provide meaningful support to current and future Memphis BTW graduates through scholarships to graduating seniors and by providing support to and for BTW faculty members and staff

Article I

The purpose for which the Association is organized is exclusively charitable, scientific, literary, and educational. The purpose will be accomplished by:

a) The establishment of meaningful scholarships to be offered to graduating seniors, and their children of Memphis BTW High School

b) The establishment of senior citizen programs for individuals ages 65+ to make life safer and more comfortable 

c) The establishment of a senior citizen’s awareness program designed to warn individuals of scams and other predatory measures

d) To emphasize the importance of focusing on getting good grades from elementary through high school, avoiding dropping out-of-school and delivering this same message to parents and students simultaneously 

e) To conduct “Good Citizenship” programs to encourage alumni to report crime and criminal activity to law enforcement by developing a low tolerance for this type of activity and

f) To conduct other initiatives to further the cause of any one or more of the purposes outlined above that meet the requirements of the current or any future revisions to the IRS XXXXXX.